Thursday, 3 September 2009


Okay so i was tagged by the Gorgeoussss! Anastasia to do the 'You are an awesome girl Tag'

For this one you tell us 10 random facts and then tag 10 blogs

okay so im just warning you they aren the most amazing facts. (:

1)When i find makeup looks in magazines i cut them out, put them on my mirror and get my makeup out and try to copy! haha sad i know!(:

2) I watch the hills constantly, ill watch the same episode on repeat! im addicted!

3) I cannot leave the house without lipstick! im a addict!

4) If i had to eat one food for the rest of my life it would be chiniese, never gets old.

5) I cannot stand my hair straight it has to be messy! or else im not happy!

6)I don't think catwalk stick thin models are pretty in the slightest bit! there so overated! anyone else agree?

7) If i could have anyones hair in the world it would either be mary kate olsen or cheryl coles!

8) I reallly want to move to america when im older, newyork or L.A! with all my bestfriends to live a lifestyle of the hills hahah!

9)I love music, im completley obsessed, i really love the oldd musicc & indie, my favourite band are coldplay<3.

10) In real life people tell me i smile to much, and that im too nice, and they wish for once i would just say no to people, but i just cant do that!:) haha.

Okay so i tag!





5.) Paulina






& if anyone wants to do it feel free lots of love

chloe xoxox (:


  1. omg thank you so much for tagging me

  2. I love the hills!! Cant wait till I can watch season 4 .. yup season 4, Im a tad behind still! Great blog, I followed you :) xx

  3. Thank you for tagging me (:
    I really do love your blog.
    I taged you for an award thinggy

  4. thankyou everyone & its no problem xxxxx

  5. Ahhhh, just stumbled across your blog, its so cute! I followed you :D xo

  6. omg... I love Cheryl Coles hair (:
    And.. People tell me i laugh wayy too much XD ahah

  7. totally agree with the skinny model thing - we did some stuff backstage at london fashion week and can honestly say that most (not all) of the models aren't particularly pretty - they just happen to be stick thin and tall, and have the right 'look', thats all...

    lovely blog - we'll be back. have you checked us out yet? we have a great beauty giveaway you might like. come see!


  8. HA i'd love to move to america too! But i do love england ;D
    your blog is cuuuute <3