Saturday, 10 April 2010

sorry for the lack of posts,

okay, so to be honest I've really been abandonning this, and just completley forgetting about it, however, i'm going to try my hardest to update this more often.

Things im loving(:

Rimmels new lipstick - I'm not to sure what it's called but the colour I got it in was Red Fever, which is a lovley shade of red, it looks kind of deep in the packaging, but once applied its gorgeous, also lasts very long, gives a matte finish, and because I'm ever so pale, it adds a nice warmth to the skin, making me look not so washed out, I also am a big fan of the pink shiny packaging, some may call it tacky, but I like the tacky feel to it (:

Maybelline 24 Hour superstay foundation - At first, i found this foundation hard to work with, however I would apply to much of the product to my face, making it look cakey, if you use the right amount your skins will look flawless, it's a matte finish, i'm not a big fan of matte finishes, but for some reason I was craving the foundation, mainly due to the advert, However, I will give it a test run all this week, to see if it has it's flaw.

Colour on the lips! - Yesyesyes, I'm a huge fan of barry m 101, the nude! and I never really thought of snapping out of the phase of using it because I loved wearing it, I felt safe, However I'm loving bright pinks, bubblegum pinks, corals, and reds on my lips, it gives a more healthy feel, but i'm not putting down the 101 for good, :)

Primark cheap sunglasses! I love sunglasses, and as i'm very clumsy I tend to break them alot, having them smashed in my bag, so why splash out on a pair, when you can get just as nice ones from primark for a £1! Love them!