Saturday, 25 April 2009

After going to my bestfriends supprise party lastnight, i took some pictures of my makeup.I decided to Join in on the famous FOTD. so here goes. As my phone camera isn't great, i'll upload two pictures.


-Mac Studio fix fluid foundation NW20.
-NYC smooth skin loose powder
-Prestige Sking loving minerals Glam Tan
-Estee Lauder Blusher in Rose Desire.
-Virgin vie eyeshadows in:
Silver Satin, in crease
Rich Taffeta, in outer
& Just A matte black in the corner.
-Bojour Waterproof volumater Mascara
-Rimmel Exagerrate Liquid eyeliner
-Barry m 101 marshmallow
I'll be doing these often.


Bodyshop body butter in coconut,j'adore the smell.
Finding my long lost comb, so much easier to backcombe!
Barry m nail paint in 296 coral.
Harrajuku lovers perfume in G - smells of pineapple&coconut yummm.
Scented candles hahha
Peaches geldofs fashion sense.
Prestige Skin loving minerals, 02 glam tan.


When washed hair, goes all out of place. :
Wasting makeup for days doing nothing!
Boots gift sets mascaras, dry and gloopy.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

heeey everyone! ive beeeen out in the sun today, i put an outfit together, i thought it was quite creative, here are some pictures. I'm a pearl obsessesive, love love them, and floral dresses,love them for summer!